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Thank You Randy

My Dearest Randy,

Thank you for being brave when I am not.

Thank you for sleeping on a chair many nights in the hospital because I was afraid to be alone.
Thank you for waking up early every morning and getting my meds together.
Thank you for believing in me and my recovery even when I am not believing in it myself.
Thank you for carrying my bags when I am too weak.
Thank you for making all the doctor appointments.
Thank you for being a great mother to our children and sometimes being the dad too.
Thank you for being so loyal and unconditional with your love.
Thank you for never giving up and always looking for options to get me better.
Thank you for listening to me.
Thank you for crying with me.
Thank you for hoping with me.
Thank you for praying for me.
Thank you for preparing my food.
Thank you for hugging me when I am hurting.
Thank you for being loving.
Thank you for being love.

And thank you for helping me heal,
believing that I will heal.

You are my angel.

Thank you for the sacrifice and thank you for the love and the laughs… the future and the past.

Happy Birthday.



  • Reply Lynn Waltuch-Weinthal |

    How poetically written! Your wife sounds like a gem. I don’t know if you remember me, but we went on the same bus to school. It has been a thousand year, but wanted to add my post. Hope you are okay.

  • Reply Roberta |

    That was so beautifully written! Randy is the most special person I know. Her unconditional love for you and the boys is amazing. What you both have is RARE ( I couldn’t resist that) and should be cherished forever.
    I love you both!!

  • Reply Barbara Spivack |

    Nathan~That was beautifully written to your very special wife-:) Happy Birthday to your wonderful wife Randy!

  • Reply Annie |

    That was soooo beautiful Nathan…you are truly blessed having this beautiful woman by your side…Happy Birthday Randy….you are an angel!

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