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Day 1 at Sloan

Data coming at me left and right; Many doctors, many nurses and tests. I feel like I’m in the middle of a typhoon, chaotic yet somehow safe from the storm around me because I am sitting there dead center.

I feel safe here because I am around brilliant people who have committed their lives to good and because I know that I will add to whatever they are providing with my own faith that I will help them help me.

It’s a damning protocol and I still can’t grasp the depth of medicines I will be taking… but I trust them and I trust myself. I trust God, Source, that that there are things in life I can’t explain.

It comes down to faith. When I am trusting and in my heart and in my head I feel good and loving and fearless. When I am in my head- my thoughts, my fears, my energy just goes down and down.

It’s just about faith and belief and love; it’s that simple. In the moment, in my moments here, that’s how I will survive and thrive.


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