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Getting ready for football Sunday at the Sloane

Well… there is no redzone channel here so I will be stuck watching my fated Jets. I don’t know if I want them to win or lose for the draft pick, but ultimately I think my mindset is that I always want to win no matter what because there is always the hope- the dream, the belief that on any given play, something magical will be discovered. And that’s why you root for a team even though they keep losing.

Winning is so much better and satisfying after a tough struggle and every game is a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to make that game or day a special one.

So I’ll be rooting for them. Win or lose, they are my Jets. I’m not sure I would choose any other team to love. Screw the Pats or the Broncos. I didn’t choose them.

Nothing much changed since yesterday. Waiting for the chemo… can’t sleep in this environment. People are loving and amazing and the protocol is a bear to manage.

Another day, another game, another fight. Wait, it doesn’t have to be a “my fight,” the doctors and meds will fight that battle. I’ll be still dancing in the knowing that I’m going to win.


  • Reply Cheryl Portnoy |

    Watched the Jet game with you in mind the whole time. They must have won in your honor.! You looked so good yesterday its hard to believe this demon has made a home in your body. Good luck with your treatments & your new beginning in the fight today. We have no doubt of your success & recovery. With so much love… XO

  • Reply Lesley Bernstein |

    I am on team Nathan! Rooting and praying for a quick and manageable recovery!

  • Reply Steven Kaston |

    Spending time with you and seeing your fight and positive attitude the Nathan team is my favorite team to root for. The Jets can take some pointers from you and unfortunately they need to.
    J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
    You no that wasn’t easy for me

  • Reply Ziv Lachish |

    Doctors will do the job they are doing so good , and we all dance the dance of victory,
    I’m watching you with admiration for the positive energy of you , and you give all of us a feeling that soon we wake from the bad dream !!!

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