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Skiing in May. Not a bad thought.

Note to self:

I will not engage in any negative thoughts for more than 1 minute. That is my allowance. When I see myself going down the wrong thought pattern, I will quickly think about all the positive comments from doctors and friends that I have been getting, the great prognosis, and the power I have to influence my health. I am not God, I know that, but there is God in all of us and I choose to believe I can use the greatness of men who have invented these cures with the help of some divine guidance. Believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter.

I do believe there is more than meets the eye; I will visualize the cancer cells melting away, my planned ski trip, my body healing, and my healthy cells coming back. There is no truth except the truth of the moment and I will choose as best as I can to think of good and happy thoughts. Because there is no other truth than what I am thinking in that moment. Any fear is fear of the unknown… which I can’t control anyway.

Thanks again for all the loving messages and wishes. I can’t believe it took me so long in my life to feel so genuinely loved and to know that I make a difference.

Again, I said my ultimate goal was to truly love myself. I’m getting there.


  • Reply Daph |

    Reminding you that we also planned to meet in Europe some time – this coming summer sounds like a plan!
    Nathan, you ARE genuinely loved and you do make a difference – in my life anyway…..

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