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I had a ruff day

I miss my dog Layla.  Her cuddling right up next to me and watching out for my best interest with those pure unconditional eyes. I miss the simple mundane beautiful boring things I did every day. Throwing out the garbage, running for the train or a simple single malt scotch when I got home. But mostly today I miss Layla’s love. Pure love. I had a rough day because I spent too much time wondering and not believing. Broke my one minute rule.

But I forgive myself. Remembering to love and accept myself is the lesson I’m learning.

Layla will get me back to what I need to focus on. Just the love, the tremendous possibilities of the victory that lie ahead. Despite the daily struggles, I should never underestimate the power of pure love and belief, whether it be my dog, my family, my friends, or my roommate here (a real 9/11 hero by the way.)

I miss my dog.

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  • Reply Heidi Krugman |

    I am sorry you had a rough day today but hopefully with all the love and support of your family and friends and that precious Layla (she is so damn cute!!!!) you will forge ahead and keep your spirits high. Also glad your faith will give you some serenity and help you through this rough patch! all our love from Massachusetts!!!!!

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