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The doctors came in today and told me that my mass had shrunk by over 50%. Yes, over half : ) and my white blood cell count was high enough that I can be released today instead of sometime next week as was originally planned. I know it’s only one step on my journey but I am so grateful and that I made so much progress in one week. So that vision of the cancer leaving may have been just a vision, but something was left with me a couple of nights ago.

So thank you God (in whatever form I believe in.) I am grateful. I am humbled, in a way, by the love sent my way from the staff here and from my friends and family. I am on my journey as I have expressed but I know now the power of the mind to create and overcome obstacles is palpable.

So Happy New Years to all… And party on tonight.

Let’s keep this post light and fun. It’s a good day for me today and I am eager to get home to some normalcy.


  • Reply Deborah Moses |

    Could not have had better news. Your attitude and support system are the best medicine. I know. I’m beating breast cancer – diagnosed two years ago this month – and you won’t be the same. You will be better, more evolved and appreciative of the many little things taken for granted. I love your blog and I love the memories of you growing up around the corner from Rebecca and me.

  • Reply Janis and Paul Jason |

    Jan has been sharing your blog with me, and we are wanting to be respectful of your privacy and supporting of you all at the same time. Jan and I would like to visit you and Randy when you feel up to it, and we were wondering if you felt like company?

    You and Randy and the boys have become family to us, and we want you to know we are here for you and wish only that you beat this thing and let you know we love you Randy and the boys. We greatly admire the way you have been dealing with this unexpected situation, and want to be there for you all in any way that we can.

    Much love and prayer for your complete recovery, you are not alone, and loved by your family and friends !!!

    Paul and Janis

  • Reply Jeanette & Teri |

    Dear Nathan,

    This is the first time Teri and I have been together in a while. I came across your blog on facebook and saw you are sick. You have our prayers always. We would love to talk to you as well as see you. We are both happy you received such great news for your New Year! Love always Teri and Jeanette..xoxox

    • Reply Nathan |

      I would love to speak with either of you .Im home now ,,I can fill you in ,Its a good prognososis…Ihave no doubt i wll beatit ,,It sucks no doubt but i have never backed down from a struggle.. It was quick and a shock but i am doig all western and eastern healing modalities and within time iplan to have a normal life ..Of course it will never be the same ,,but that does not mean worse ..I guess i had things in my life that were incomplete and painful which i believe brought this on ,.I wll never know for sure but i d know i wlll be a changed and more peaceful person from this..
      You guys were such a big part of my life .We grew up together ..God didnt hva the plan for me i had for myself but i trust it
      My number is 5169039600

  • Reply Arlene Rubon |

    Wonderful news! Wishing you a new year filled with love, peace, recovery and joy.

  • Reply Ritima |

    What a wonderful news to kick off the new year…And the video is absolutely awesome!! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!!

  • Reply fariba thomas |

    Dear Nathan I am so happy that you are feeling better.You have that personaity trait that when you put your mind into it, you win.Hope to vist you soon.
    All the best for the 2015 to you anf your family.

  • Reply Chana |

    You should have seen my face when Nurit told me the good news last night. May you go from strength to strength.
    Hey, you saved me trip to the hospital today, so I can clean my house.
    Your Mom called last night and filled me in on the details.
    May we always have GOOD NEWS to tell one another. I make a pretty good chicken soup would you like some?
    Love to Randy and the boys.

  • Reply Heidi Krugman |

    Utterly fantastic news! Ok the dancing needs a little work ha I know u were limited because IV. You get carte blanche for dancing and now u can dance on into a healthy new year!!! May it last forever. But what I really want to know is who was that woman touching your butt!!! Haha. So overjoyed for you and the family, the best new year present you could have gotten!!! All our ove, Heidi & Jeff :> please give Randy a big hug for me!

  • Reply Ziv Lachish |

    My dear cousin,
    That the Best news I’ve heard and I’m really excited ,
    I know that we will continue to hear good news !!!
    I know you continue to be strong and optimistic and I know that you continue to dance forever !!!
    Love you

  • Reply Daph |

    Best clip I’ve seen in a long time! Those big smiles that I love to see….
    Fantastic news!
    Keep up the amazing work and keep on dancing!

  • Reply Gary Altman |

    That’s great news. May you continue to do well. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • Reply Barbara Spivack |

    I am so happy to hear this wonderful news:) keep it coming. Wishing you, Randi and your family a healthy and Happy New Year. ~Barbara

  • Reply Steven Kaston |

    Something to really dance about
    The doctors are great because you couldn’t dance before

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