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Another short letter to my friends

I know this is a long time coming. The fact that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks is a surprise to me, so as a “what’s so” this is where things are:

So far everything is on schedule. Next week I start chemo as an outpatient and I am hopeful that my body tolerates the treatments well.

I’ve been trying to get work done and I must admit it’s hard, mentally and physically. It’s a challenge though… I do notice that I have a say in the matter. I’ve managed to will myself and shift to higher energy moods, but still it’s hard to sustain the consistency.

I mentioned in the beginning that I need to accept what I am willing to push my mind and body through or just surrender to what is (probably the wiser choice.) I do know things are different and I am still finding out about what this process is going to be like. I get scared of the unknown. Sometimes just simply not feeling well alters my mood.

I’m grateful for the love and support I’ve been receiving and it’s really helped me along. So for now just wanted to quickly check in, let you know I’m dealin’… No more hair on my head and I’ll be in touch more often.




  • Reply Pryet |

    Keep it up Nate, you’re an inspiration and a good friend and we’re all pulling for you

  • Reply Deb Wasser |

    Ok so anyone who choose a jets hat is a positive thinker who never gives up. Keep fighting. Love to u and the family. Xo

  • Reply Joanne Zucker |


    For as long as I’ve known you, I’ve always been a strong admirer (and frankly, a huge fan) of your character, your insights and your unique combination of smarts, sass and spirituality. We’ve shared many thought-provoking and enlightening conversations over the years, and now, more than ever, your deep wisdom and incredible attitude continue to move, encourage and inspire friends and strangers alike. I am so happy for the wonderful progress you’ve made so far, and I know you will continue to get better and stronger each day (and by the way, you look pretty damn terrific in that hat!) Sending warm thoughts, healing hugs and much love your way! xo

  • Reply David Z |

    Hi Nathan, I just binge-read all your blog posts… I was avoiding them for a while, scared of feeling too much I guess. Not knowing what to say… I’m glad i did; they were beautiful, and you should do it more. I think it’s probably very good for you.

    I admire how you are dealing with a difficult time and always trying to make the very best out of it. I look forward to future blog posts and giving you a big hug next time I see you. keep kicking spiritual ass my friend! XO DZ

  • Reply Annie |

    Hi Nathan! I have missed your wonderful blogs. Glad you are back into sharing your process. I know that fear. Interestingly enough it passes thank god! I also know the feeling of trying to work and have chemo treatments. There were times when I felt “I can’t do this, it’s so hard” and moments somehow I found inner strength to rise above it all and find the warrior in me. And this was 17 years ago! I stand beside you my friend.

  • Reply laura longo |

    Nathan, Greg, Drew and I are sending you our very best wishes and happy, positive feelings created from our many wonderful Sundays spent together on the football field. Peace.

  • Reply cindy boxer |

    Hi Nathan — glad to see you’re back at it…(the writing) — hope you enjoy the next meal I’ll be dropping off tomorrow — our little gift to you and Randy — made with love!

  • Reply Jonathan Greenspan |

    We met many years (even decades) ago during a Peter Wagner minute. I wish you the best in your fight and hope that this is only a small speed bump to a long and happy life. While I am a life-long Jet fan I would advise you to choose another hat – not much good Karma coming from Gang Green these days.

  • Reply bonnie |

    hi nathan
    although we have never met, i have been reading your journey.
    i am an RN and think you have the most AMAZING attitude EVER!
    good luck to for a safe and easy recovery.

  • Reply Paul and Janis Jason |

    Love you bro. Keep fighting. If you want your family can come us for Super Bowl this year. Let us know. We will keep it low key just family and the Shapiro’s. Let us know.
    Jan. Paul. David and Mark.

  • Reply Joyce Fleissig-Album |

    Remember me? I would never forget you! Randy and I had a working mothers play group in NEw York on 86th street. Randy and I have kept in touch on and off,trying to get in touch now. I even bumped into your sister abit ago! Who looks great by the way. When I first read on your blog on what was going on I have not stopped praying for you. You left a lasting impression on me through out All these years. Your coaching has been in my brain and will be their forever. If I know anyone that is a fighter it is you. Always moving forward and never looking back. As you would say looking at the glass half full. Adding some more blessing everyday. Be well and I will keep in touch
    Much love Joyce

  • Reply Zev |

    Hey Nathan;
    Why not pop down here to Miami and get some color on that bald pate? It’s ALOT warmer here, too.

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