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Randy Schwarzbaum – Chief Organizing Officer (COrO)

One of the challenges of my daily  schedule of treatments  is the sheer enormity of the logistics. On any given day I could have 2 blood tests, 3 chemo treatments, a spinal tap and meetings with doctors and nurses. It’s not usually like that, but there have been days packed from morning to night.

Add to this, the transportation requirements, commuting or lodging, taking medications on a timely basis, eating good meals, keeping the right food handy in case I feel queasy… it’s overwhelming.

Randy, my amazing wife  has been managing all of this and although I knew she was organized and had an uncanny ability to manage things, I never realized how good she really was until now.

So she has been recruited. Yes she is now working for MyMrktr, my digital agency. Why waste these talents on orchestrating my health related schedules alone when she can help Jake and I be more efficient as we build this business.

So Randy is now Chief Organization Officer (until I come up with a more empowering title, suggestions welcome.)

She is responsible for us keeping deadlines, keeping things moving , creating clarity with timelines and projects, and getting us from just staring at the computer screen and into action when we are stuck. I, of course, am working with limitations at this point in time and we feel short staffed when the workload hits its peak but now, either way, this has become a family affair. Of course, what’s certain is that this will lead to infighting and egos colliding, but hey, I think she  still know who the boss is (her) : ) .

Bottom line is we have to deal. I have to deal with the reality, and the ups and downs of my mental and physical states, the amount time I spend at Sloan, and the battling of my fatigue, both mental and physical. Randy has become a tremendous asset in just these last 2 weeks.

And as we move forward and the business continues to grow she will become an integral part and I’m very confident she will deal (not really) with her having to reporting to me.

You never know what life will bring and sometimes things are so obvious you don’t see them. I’m very confident this will end up working out very well for us. I know you are probably thinking, “How could Randy add any more to her plate?” but actually this experiment has been working out really well and we all feel really good about how it’s going.

I’ll keep you posted.


  • Reply Annie |

    Happy Birthday Randy! How wonderful that you have the strength to juggle all the balls.
    Nathan, please let me know when I can come out there and help in any way I can.

  • Reply Elyse Sloyer |

    Nathan…. I read your blogs all the time and hope that you have received all our well wishes.. Your positive thinking and strength from your incredible wife, family and friends are the perfect components for a healthy you!! You are in our thoughts a lot! Wishing you all the best xo Elyse and Ed

  • Reply Tehilla, "MOM" |

    There is a saying in hebrew that a fierce happening can have a sweet ending. And that is what happened to my family. I take off my hat to you all. I am proud of you, my son, for recognizing what possession you have in Randy. I knew it all along. I wish you luck and lets hope for a speedy full recovery and we will rejoice in good times.
    Love MOM

  • Reply Ann Corn |

    Nathan, wishing you a speedy recovery!!! Randy you are amazing !!!! Love reading your blog . Wishing all of you the best xo

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